Profit Maximizer – Is it just another binary scam?

This is my Profit Maximizer review, the sales video is presented by “James Forley” who promises you’ll start seeing massive bank balances using his system. He quickly goes into a back story of sitting on a cruise ship making stacks of money. He says he “tried” it all and didn’t make a dime using MLM’s and pyramid schemes. It it’s a common marketing practise to try and relate to the viewer by claiming to have went through the same struggle a lot of the people watching the sales video have probably gone through. This obviously is an attempt to build trust in the hope viewer will be likely to make a deposit into the brokerage for this binary options system.

This is another binary trading software launched through the clicksure digital marketplace, meaning it’s an almost certainty that these claims will be made during the product launch. 99% of Clicksure products claim you’ll become rich on autopilot and how using this system will be the beginning of your new life with bags of time, money and freedom.

The profit maximizer system claims to have the help of a “stealth hacker” who can predict trends in the market. “You don’t need any experience at all as the system does all the work for you” is one of the claims made like most binary options sales videos these days.

James then says all he asks for is a donation of $1000 after you’ve made your first million and how we wants to then make donations to the charity of your choice with all of the deposits, as a supposed incentive to use the system. Obviously just about anything can and will be said in a sales video these days to encourage anyone to get out their wallet and make a deposit.

With the profit Maximizer software, they are currently running an affiliate competition for who can sell the most, highlighting the fact that the results you can expect from using this system are not going to be as advertised as affiliate would rather sell the product online than use it themselves.

You do not need to deposit the $250 into the 2015 Millionaire’s Club to make money online, assuming you can make consistent money through the binary platform is naive. Learning Internet marketing is arguably the easiest way to earn a living from home, on the internet. Instant Payday Network is a system that pays out commissions for referring people to complete online trials while teaching how to advertise properly. I have even developed my own personal step by step training on how to drive free traffic to your page which is a key skill for almost every avenue of making money through internet marketing.

Instant Payday Network Features:

Free web site with lead capture page

Free email autoresponder

Free Marketing system

Free Training

Weekly online hangouts

Onlymydream Team Training Area

This is a real system used by real people that was created in 2012 and now has a huge community on facebook for support. Commissions are paid via paypal and can be paid out multiple times per day, if 2015 Millionaire’s Club delivered promises they make, they would be throwing money away which no internet marketer wants to do. To learn how I began making money online easily, go to


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