Elite Trader App – Full System Review

Elite Trader App

Eugene Conrad’s system’s sales video begins with apparent real testimonials. He claims over 400 people confirm this binary options software “is the best” and as always “you can join for free”. It is normal that these binary trading systems are promoted at no cost as the marketers make commissions from the brokers they receive when people fund their accounts.

This software claims it has made huge profit for its members creating over $1100 in profit daily claiming “they use the safest strategies” and “some of our customers earn over $2k and $3k every  day” which is unlikely. The Elite Trader App says it’s different than “other promotions showing 10 bedroom mansions”, and goes in to how to this system “has managed to succeed where all others fail”. These are all very similar claims most of the binary options products launched through the clicksure.

The Elite Trader App does actually claim that when customers do not profit, “we make no money” whoever “we” may be. As said earlier, marketers make money from deposits customers put in and often run cash competitions for their affiliates for promoting it all over the internet. Successful marketers online who produce these binary trading systems launch a new trading system every single month which are usually the exact same system, with a new look and advertised totally differently.

Because these trading programs are launched weekly as shown in my video review of the Elite Trader App, it has to be almost certainly unlikely these promises can be achieved; otherwise the same marketers are simply throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. We live in a world where everyone wants to make money not give it away, and marketers take advantage of everything you can say in a sales video such as “guaranteed to work” and “make $30,000 per month”.

Always research before depositing money into something you are doubtful about especially with binary trading with minimum deposits of $250. Binary Options has previously been associated with fraud such as the software extending the trade until it becomes a losing trade.

The fact is, binary trading is risky but is usually advertised as an easy to use push button system money making machine and so these kinds of systems are sold in their masses online through marketers and affiliates who promote the system through their affiliate links. Expect to find fake reviews, comments and even full web sites set up all designed to gain commissions through someone going through an affiliate link on the page and depositing money into an Elite Trader App account.

I’ve always wondered why anyone would even begin trying to earn money online with binary trading as the risk is so high, it’s more or less gambling and poker is way more enjoyable! Is Elite Trader App a scam?  Internet marketing is the simplest way to make money online and there are various ways you can begin to do so.

I’ve been using Instant Payday Network which is a system which will teach you the fundamentals of making money online, my “foot in the door” for all sorts of opportunities. It’s an easy system that pays out commissions for referring people to complete online trials. The most valuable part of it is I have my own personal training I’ve created to teach you how to drive free traffic which is one of the most valuable skills for making money online. This is additional to your email autoresponder and marketing system you will be given for free as part of my team. I offer skype coaching as well as weekly online hangouts too. Go to onlymydream.com for more information on making money online safely.


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