Binary Millionaire

Binary Millionaire Review

A binary options trading system claiming using the software will make you a millionaire in under 3 months. “Lee Cassy” of the the sales video claim he personally made $357,000 in under 3 months. It is actually claimed that the binary trading market is “profitable” at the moment and this is why you should “act now”. He claims he himself is a binary millionaire and uses apparent real video tesimonials. It is a known fact across the internet that actors are regularly used in sales videos to promote products such as binary trading systems.

As with nearly all sales presentations these days from my experience, the words “guaranteed” are used which are almost meaningless under these circumstances. The focus of the Binary Millionaire is how reliable the software really is and how it will “help you reach your goals” without ever really going into why this system is so successful. The viewer is presumed to just “trust” Lee Cassy and his massive claims of making “easy money using this one click software”.

The entire platform that is assosciated with identity fraud, complaints, poor customer service and alledged fraud of extending trades until they become a loss. Most of the entire binary trading platform is unregulated and there are no refunds to any deposit made with Binary Millionaire, this can be seen on their affiliates page. This is a page aimed at people selling this product online so the marketers make it very attractive to sell and tell their affiliates they’ll make $200 plus for every sales and often write their emails for them ready to just send out to their lists.

Is Binary Millionaire a scam? The system is one of many trading software’s launched every week through, almost every single one of these products claim the user will make a substantial amount of money on complete autopilot and that particular program is somehow different from the rest of those who fell well short of the massive promises made in advertising it.

I would not personally recommend the binary millionaire for making money online even with a bit of trading experience in another platform. The risks are huge with an all or nothing factor to every trade and their are systems online that offer full support and free resources without having to make big deposits of $250..

I use Instant Payday Network which is basically a system for referring people to a couple of web sites for commissions. The system has been established since 2012 and has excellent support and training. I am very experienced with the system personally and have developed my own personal training to help each member of my team in getting fantastic results. For free resources, a sales funnel and autoresponder go to


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