7 Day Millionaire System Review

This is my 7 Day Millionaire Review, a binary options trading system that actually claims you will earn 7 million dollars in 7 days. As with all binary trading systems launched through clicksure.com, an online digital marketplace in which most binary trading software’s on launched and all promise you will see unbelievable results if you use their specific software and their specific brokers. The reason this is, is because Internet Marketers make tens of thousands of dollars selling these systems online to people who take the sales videos seriously.

It is common for the same internet marketers so launch a new binary system every single month promising similar riches on each software. So is the system legit? Well if the marketers and affiliates selling the software make a profit, how can both sides be making money? Affiliates are often involved in ‘behind the scenes’ competitions for who can sell the most through affiliate links on youtube comments, forums and small web sites with fake reviews from affiliates who have never used the product themselves.

The 7 Day Millionaire uses the old story of needing “beta testers” to show it’s future uses how successful the software is. This sales technique is commonly used in advertising a binary options trading system. This software asks many questions such as “what will you spend on your million on?” and casually claims you’ll “certainly make $1,000,000 this week, using screenshots of huge amounts of money in bank accounts which are faked commonly on image editing software such as photoshop.

There are thousands of new people every month looking to make money online, a lot of the inexperienced people are likely to be curious about binary options after watching some of the compelling sales videos that are created. After all, it is actually quite unbelievable what can and will be said in the sales presentation and therefore many people all over the internet today have felt mislead after depositing into a binary trading system. So is 7 Day Millionaire A Scam? Not a single claim of riches can be backed up made in that sales video. So when looking for a product to run with and put your trust into it can be difficult to find one that will actually deliver what was promised and find people to trust.

In my experience I have come to learn there are no systems anywhere online that will generate money on “autopilot” as claimed by most of the products launched through Clicksure. To start from the beginning learning MUST be done, so the trick is, to find a product that will give you the necessary training to learn things such as “driving traffic” and “seo”. Some of the key skills needed in 95% of all legit making money online opportunities.

Now I came across a system that allowed me to learn some of these things that I have now made it even easier for anyone coming through who wants to make money online using a LEGITIMATE system that pays commissions for simply referring people to a couple of web sites. Before using this system I had never made a single cent on the internet, now I am very experienced with the system personally and have developed my own personal training to help each member of my team in getting fantastic results. For free resources, a sales funnel and autoresponder go to www.onlymydream.com


Binary Millionaire

Binary Millionaire Review

A binary options trading system claiming using the software will make you a millionaire in under 3 months. “Lee Cassy” of the the sales video claim he personally made $357,000 in under 3 months. It is actually claimed that the binary trading market is “profitable” at the moment and this is why you should “act now”. He claims he himself is a binary millionaire and uses apparent real video tesimonials. It is a known fact across the internet that actors are regularly used in sales videos to promote products such as binary trading systems.

As with nearly all sales presentations these days from my experience, the words “guaranteed” are used which are almost meaningless under these circumstances. The focus of the Binary Millionaire is how reliable the software really is and how it will “help you reach your goals” without ever really going into why this system is so successful. The viewer is presumed to just “trust” Lee Cassy and his massive claims of making “easy money using this one click software”.

The entire platform that is assosciated with identity fraud, complaints, poor customer service and alledged fraud of extending trades until they become a loss. Most of the entire binary trading platform is unregulated and there are no refunds to any deposit made with Binary Millionaire, this can be seen on their affiliates page. This is a page aimed at people selling this product online so the marketers make it very attractive to sell and tell their affiliates they’ll make $200 plus for every sales and often write their emails for them ready to just send out to their lists.

Is Binary Millionaire a scam? The system is one of many trading software’s launched every week through clicksure.com, almost every single one of these products claim the user will make a substantial amount of money on complete autopilot and that particular program is somehow different from the rest of those who fell well short of the massive promises made in advertising it.

I would not personally recommend the binary millionaire for making money online even with a bit of trading experience in another platform. The risks are huge with an all or nothing factor to every trade and their are systems online that offer full support and free resources without having to make big deposits of $250..

I use Instant Payday Network which is basically a system for referring people to a couple of web sites for commissions. The system has been established since 2012 and has excellent support and training. I am very experienced with the system personally and have developed my own personal training to help each member of my team in getting fantastic results. For free resources, a sales funnel and autoresponder go to http://www.onlymydream.com

70k Method System Review

70K Method

This is my 70k Method Review, a product launched through clicksure.com, if you’ve seen my youtube channel you’ll know that most of my reviews are clicksure products. Most of them are binary options systems or products advertised as free then ask you to buy web site hosting.

As with 98% of Clicksure product sales videos, the results claimed in the presentation are ridiculously high and apparently “risk free”. The 70k Method system is also advertised as free and claims it “gives you the opportunity to quit your job” and “live the life you want to”. The first part of the sales presentation does not reveal it is in facta binary options system until you enter your email address so you’re on their mailing list.

Because these marketers launch similar products almost every month, they will very likely be promoting their future binary trading systems to your inbox so be mindful of this when entering your information into a product of this nature.

With the 70K Method specifically, it does not actually go into any detail as to what the method actually is or why the viewer should take the sales page seriously. After all, there a hundreds, if not thousands of binary options “bots” and systems just like it that all make huge promises taking full advantage of the fact that just about anything can be said in a sales video to promote a product as long as there are disclaimers somewhere on the web site.

Binary Options Trading has been associated with identity theft, fraud and trades being extended until they become a loss. Marketers recommend brokers usually because they have a deal with the broker and get paid commissions from them for referring customers to the brokers. Fabricated stories are often used to explain why they recommend the specific broker.

The software obviously claims you’ll make $70,000 using the system, yet shows it’s affiliates you’ll make $250 commissions for selling it online. Affiliates are unlikely to actually use the binary options system and just make money from commissions they’ll get for promoting it to customers who take the sales presentation seriously and deposit money into the brokers. Is 70k Method a scam? Why do affiliates not just use the system themselves if it’s a legitimate claim to say you’ll make $70k from this?

It’s common that the marketers of the product will write their affiliates emails for them ready to just copy and paste out to their lists. I personally do not promote any product to make these “out of reach” claims, if you are tired of jumping from one product to the next looking for a legitimate way to make money online. I came across a system about 6 months ago at the time of writing this article, which has no hidden costs or monthly fees and provides free training. I run my own personal training page too which is more of a step by step guide on how to set your system up to get paid on a daily basis like I do.
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Quick Cash System Review

Quick Cash System Review – It is claimed straight away in the sales presentation that you going to become a millionaire in 100 days using the system. The sales video initially focuses on the fact that this system is presented by a woman and “men having been selling you scams in the past”

Its also claimed that Quick Cash System generated over $3000 in over and as with nearly all other binary options trading system. It’s advertised as free as the money is made through customer deposits into the brokers recommended that the marketers make commissions from.

“You can make totally automated unlimited wealth”, is a claim made within the sales presenrtation. As with all other binary options software, a back story of how this system can exploit how the entire binary trading platform works to convince the viewer that this system is somehow different to all the hundreds of other binary trading system launched previously that fell short of the massive promises made in their sales video.

The sales presentation goes into great detail of how this “secret loophole” came about and exactly how fast this system can make money online. Usually these products focus heavily on the fanstastic life you will begin to live after using the software, where Quick Cash System focuses on showing how the system will simply make you a millionaire in under 100 days.

Screenshots are used with the caption “paid in full” as if to claim that the women presenting the product own these properties, yet I have personally seen the same exact screenshots of big mansions in many other previous binary options product launches. Marketers regularly use actors to produce these sales videos as “acting still sells”, however more and more people are becoming wise to the amount of misleading products, especially binary trading system there are online
Affiliates are encouraged to promote quick cash system online and will be paid $200 commissions for every single sale through an online affiliate link. Expect to find reviews promoting the system from people who’ve not used the system and are looking for commissions through their affiliate links all over the internet. Full web sites are often created for a specific product all designed to generate sales through the links within the site and are unlikely to be unbiased.

You do not have to risk money using the Binary A to make money online, there are legitimate systems which can be used for free to earn an excellent stream of income on the internet without fear of someone running away with your money. I use Instant Payday Network which is a simple system for referring people to a couple of web sites to complete online trials. You are then paid commissions of $50 for every single referral. I get paid on a daily basis in using this simple system and regularly top the leader board.
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