Cheating the Odds 4.0 Review

Cheating the odds 4.0 Review

A Binary Options Trading system that claims you’ll simply start making $500 per day, and “guaranteed” to work every single day. This system is launched through Clicksure which also launches many other binary trading software’s that also claim you will make an absolute massive amount of money using their system.

The new Cheating the Odds system is presented by a guy who claims the program is only available to 100 people and a clock counts down as the presentation continues. The clock is actually part of the video as pauses if the video is paused, proving the clock is a simple marketing tactic to encourage users to deposit into the “100% confidential” system quickly.

As with nearly all binary trading sales videos, very little information regarding how the system actually works and generates these ridiculously great results will be achieved. A simple back story of how a programmer had designed the system to “cheat the odds” allowing users to make $500 per day is supposed to be proof along with the screenshot of more than $35,000 in an account.

Obviously the creators of the video are Internet Marketers behind previous binary trading systems which are likely to have access to legitimate accounts with these kind of balances, and can and will be used to portray proof of income in using this new software to create a profit. Ironically it’s how many people deposit money into these systems that is more likely to generate this type of income so it can be used in future sales videos for future systems that are inevitable to be released by the same marketers.

Affiliates are encouraged to promote the cheating the odds system online and the fact no refunds are given to any users is used as an incentive to promote the product online. Expect to find reviews promoting the system from people who’ve not used the system and are looking for commissions through their affiliate links all over the internet. Full web sites are often created for a specific product all designed to generate sales through the links within the site and are unlikely to be unbiased.

You do not have to risk money using Cheating the Odds 4.0 to make money online, there are legitimate systems which can be used for free to earn an excellent stream of income on the internet without fear of someone running away with your money. I use Instant Payday Network which is a simple system for referring people to a couple of web sites to complete online trials. You are then paid commissions of $50 for every single referral. I get paid on a daily basis in using this simple system.

Instant Payday Network Features:

Free Lead Capture Page
Free Back Office & Sales Funnel
Free Email Autoresponder
Free SEO and Advertising Training
Free Support

This system is one of the best ways to earn money online, and is also great for generating leads in other systems you may already promote. If not, the system works great on its own, I’ve been very successful with this for ages.



One thought on “Cheating the Odds 4.0 Review”

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