Binary Auto Trades Review – Is Binary Auto Trades a SCAM?

Binary Auto Trades Review – A trading system claiming you’ll be living the life of luxury in no time after using their software. The same re-hashed hype is demonstrated in the sales video promising ridiculous amounts of cash with only a few simple clicks of the button on autopilot.

Binary Trading systems such as Binary Auto Trades have a history of not delivering on what was being advertsied initially. The vast majority of these products are launched through Clicksure launches many products, many of them Binary Options.

As an internet marketer who reviews these trading systems every week, it becomes clear very quickly that other Internet Marketers begind the launches of these products have a formula they use to launch a product every month: Blind the user with an amazing life style, claim there are only a certain amount of copies being sold for some fabricated reason, and recommend their chosen broker.

And this all happens in an unregulated world that is online Binary Trading. I would not reccomend using Binary Auto Trades personally for making money on the internet.

The actual money is made by promoting and selling these products online, the creators of Binary Auto Trades have made it attractive and easy to sell this product online so internet marketers can make their money, not the users. They advertise an average of $250 for every sale an affiliate marketer makes. All their emails are written for affiliate marketers to simply copy and paste out to their lists, this is outlined in my video review.

The truth is, you do not have to spend money online to make money online. I use a free system with thousands of others safely making money online without the risks at


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