Crisis Killer Review

Crisis Killer Review – A Binary trading software presented by a “nerd” with a background with computers. Purely because this product being launched through the Clicksure web site, I would not personally recommend it. It my experience 99% of all products launched through clicksure, fall far too short of what was being advertised in the sales video. This is especially true with Binary Options systems, as most of them promise ridiculous amounts of riches within days on autopilot.

It seems to me that because internet marketers who create products, are aware that just about anything can be said and actually “guaranteed” in a sales video, as long as somewhere in the disclaimer it is stated that results may vary from what is being represented. The hard truth is, there are no guarantee’s with products like this, there are no such things as “secret loophole’s” that have been discovered by former members of google or neuroscientists that use their skills do develop software that can cheat the system.

Dirty marketing techniques to sell these products online include:
Full fabricated back stories (every binary trading sales video has one).
Lies about there only being a few copies left so “act fast!”
Actors and rented mansions.
Fake screenshots of bank accounts and affiliate marketing accounts.
Stories about why you should use “their recommended broker”

I’ve actually created a Crisis Killer video review which outlines just how much fraud and complaints are actually involved within the Binary Trading platform. The regulation are unclear it seems and as said above, the one specific broker is nearly always “recommended”.

Fact: Most Binary Trading System are designed to make money for affiliate marketers who sell these products through affiliate links online. Is the Crisis Killer a Scam? Well, just ask yourself, why do affiliate marketers who are experienced online money makers rather sell products like these to people like you and me than use the products themselves cashing out on the riches advertised.

I would not personally recommend depositing ANY money into this type of software for making money online. I use a completely free system simply referring people to web sites to complete online product trials, this pays $50 per commission. Ive been incredibly successful with this for months. It’s through

Take Care.


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