Is the Theo Pittila Millionaire Trader a SCAM? Watch a Millionaire Trader REVIEW | Theo Pittilla

Millionaire Trader Review. LINK –
Millionaire Trader is in a long list of binary options with it’s own angle to generate sales. Is Millionaire Trader by Theo Pittila a scam? This program claims an offline coach named Theo Pittila, or Pittilla as it’s spelled in his emails, wants to spread his online presence and give you the software for free in return for a testimonial from you of your profits. He claims this is the same software he sells for £2997 and there are only 25 spots available, obviously the number of spots available count down as you watch the sales video, suspicious? LOL

As shown in my review, these products are released every other day, they all say you will be making silly amounts of money with very little work and they’re not doing it for the money, they just need you to help them as they make you millions. Who actually is Theo Pitilla anyway? i googled him as they said in the sales video and i couldn’t see ANY results


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