Product Reviews

My Question to you:
Why try to make money like this with dodgy online products when there are much easier ways to make money online with very little or no investment. Through there are no sign up fee’s or costs to run the free system. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can start making money.

All you will be doing is referring people to two web sites to complete online trials.For every person who completes the offers you will be paid $50 and you can be paid on a daily basis into your paypal account. Even multiple times a day, you must be patient in the begining as there is a bit of learning
to be done. Things like google and youtube ranking, these are things i will teach you as your mentor happily because when you make money, i make money! You do not have to pay for online products when there is a free way to make money on the internet

100% Commissions
Free Web site with 35-52% conversion rate capture pages
Free email autoresponder
Free back office marketing system
Free Training videos
Extra in depth training on google and youtube ranking from me


I am Mark and i will give you all the extra help you need, but only if you are serious about making money online. I can show you how to generate leads but i can’t run your business for you. I will show you exactly what i am doing, my personal aim is to get you earning between $2000 and $3000 per month as this is realistic target.

Heads Up:
To join the system you obviously have to complete the offers yourself first. There are free trials and other trials which require a small investment. You should do as i did and complete the godaddy offer and purchase a domain name, you will get more traffic and make more money if you have a snappy domain name. Its cheap and easy to set up, there’s no designing or anything as you can simply forward you domain name to your link you will be given. This is up to you, as i say there are free trials, you need one full credit on each of the mycashfreebies sites then you will never be asked to complete an offer again, you can just start referring people and making your own money!

The Next Level:
Once you have established a healthy income month after month, there is an optional paid element of joining Empower Network in which you can be paid every single month for referrals, the bonuses increase dramatically to over $4K per person. This is where the REAL money is made but let’s walk before we run.


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